07/03/2019 - EasyCPU 2.0 is on the web!

10/19/2019 - EasyCPU Upgrade 2.1

  1. EasyCPU is now enabled to use the tenth generation Intel Core CPUs (Ice Lake). Warning: the operation of these CPUs has not yet been tested due to lack of hardware; the possibility of using EasyCPU with these CPUs has only been introduced. Users will be able to test tenth-generation CPUs and report any malfunctions.
  2. The CPU code name has been corrected for some CPUs.
  3. EasyCPU now allows you to overclock the fourth-generation CPUs (Haswell).
  4. When Windows is started without a startup profile or in all cases where Speed Shift is disabled in the CPU, in the "Actual CPU Values" column of the "Profile Settings" grid, the empty "Speed Shift" cell is now correctly displayed and not the value 0 (only possible with Speed Shift enabled).
  5. The "Hardware Info" window can now be resized.