EasyCPU increases processor performance. Undervolting and stop throttling. Overclocking. Especially useful for laptops and gaming.

EasyCPU is a free app: download it now.

EasyCPU is an easy to use application useful for improving processor performance.
It is possible to create custom profiles to be used according to the needs of the moment.
It is also possible to perform stress tests and monitor all CPU sensors in real time.

EasyCPU version 2.1 (October 2019)


  • Complete real time monitoring of processor sensors: utilizations, frequencies, temperatures and powers (for each group the current values, the minimums, maximums and the average of each single core are displayed). Four charts can be displayed. Saving of monitoring data with report creation.
  • Customizable stress test with choice of duration, number of threads and stress level. This will allow you to test the processor's performance while you are deciding on its settings.
  • Five preset profiles are provided, but an unlimited number of profiles can be created. Any profile can be renamed or deleted and all its settings can be changed.
  • Sensor monitoring, stress test and profile management are arranged in a single window: this allows you to work easily and have the whole situation under control.
  • In each profile you can decide the processor performance by setting a lot of parameters: Windows power plan, speed shift, bidirectional prochot, frequency multipliers to limit or overclock the cpu, all turbo-boost settings (enablements, clamps, long and short power max, time), all voltage settings (adaptive/static, voltage, voltage offset, IccMax) to undervolting or overclocking the cpu.
  • Automatic and customizable execution of any profiles at Windows startup.
  • Automatic and customizable execution of any profiles at the change of laptop power supply (AC / battery).
  • Automatic and customizable execution of any profiles when any application is launched (app-profile pairing).
  • Manual execution of any profiles with custom hotkeys when EasyCPU is closed.
  • Tray icon that displays essential CPU monitoring and the menu for quick execution of any profiles.
  • Hardware information: CPU, Bios and Mainboard, RAM, Graphics, Storages.
  • Online Help: all profile settings and procedures are explained.

Notice: the settings are maintained without problems in every situation, even after standby or hibernation, restart, change of power supply and so on.


Operative system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit).
CPU: Intel Core (minimum 4th generation).
Download size: about 3 MB (size on hard disk: about 6 MB).

How to install updates

Download the new EasyCPU Setup.
Enter in the control panel and uninstall EasyCPU.
Leave the check "Keep the EasyCPU custom files" selected.
Install the new version of EasyCPU, then restart the PC.